10 Awesome Movies Inspired by Shakespeare

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Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures

Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures

The bard has had his share of influence on the world of the arts. Whether it’s music, books, art or television, his mark and distinctive storytelling are everywhere. And that goes for movies too. Though the deadly serious Shakespeare adaptation has long been the mainstay of directors proving themselves in the eyes of the critics, many choose to take his well-worn stories and spruce them up with a new setting or time period. So how do you know if you’re secretly watching Shakespeare? Read our spotter’s guide for the low-down. How many have you seen?

1. 10 Things I Hate About You

Yes, one of Heath Ledger’s first big-time big-screen forays was in an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew-in which a beautiful young woman must marry off her cantankerous older sister before she weds. Here, Heath romances the big sister of the school hottie at the bequeath of the man she’s dating-with adorable results. It’s surprisingly spunky, and keeps the romance to a minimum and the quickfire verbal comedy on high.

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