10 Movies to See Before Getting Married

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Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures

Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures

So, you’ve said “yes” to the man/woman of your dreams when they went before you on bended knee, and now you’re planning to actually-gulp-marry them. It can be a nerve-wracking time (I’m led to believe), and many look to pop culture to answer their questions or just offer them a bit of light relief from the strain of upcoming nuptials. We’ve compiled a list of movies that deal with marriage-from the comic to the romantic to the realistic, you’ll find some to match your taste. I’d start with number three…

1. The Proposal

Pretty much everything about this movie lands the institution on it’s head-and is surprisingly fun into the bargain. In it, Sandra Bullock coerces her assistant into marrying her so she can stay in the country-even though he actually despises his boss. It’s interesting to reflect on this, bearing in mind that marriage used to be an entirely business-based transaction. Also helps: Ryan Reynolds in full heartthrob mode, Sandra Bullock looking like she’s having the best time.

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