12 Horror Movies You Won’t Watch Alone

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Photo credit: Solana Films

Photo credit: Solana Films

I think we established now, as a moviegoing world, that horror movies really do it for us. And no longer will a few shadows on the wall and a glimpse of something suffice for us anymore-we need solid, all out scares. But where to get them? How do you know if a film’s scary before you’ve seen it? Well, our list provides a beginners guide to the world of scary nonsense-and promise me you’ll start with number seven first!

1. Paranormal Activity

You’ve probably heard from a lot of people how scary this movie is- and they’re not wrong. I think that the film is absolutely terrifying the first time round, and loses impact with repeated viewings-knowing what’s coming does dull the fear factor a little bit. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t give it a go- it’s a must see for rookie horror buffs, as it’s original, popular, and really put horror back on the map.

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