13 Horror Movies You Might Have Missed

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Photo credit: Industry Works Pictures

Photo credit: Industry Works Pictures

With horror such a saturated genre, it’s hard to sort out what is worth seeing from what isn’t worth seeing. Do you pick a director and go from there? Or just stick to one subgenre? And where do you find all these amazing indie flicks that you keep hearing about? Well, we’ve helped you out with a list that sorts out the wheat from the chaff, with 13 terrifying chillers to suit all tastes. Enjoy. Or rather don’t…

1. American Mary (image 360a)

The Soska sisters are one of the finest names in horror right now-and that’s mostly down to the release of the superb American Mary. After Mary suffers through a traumatic experience, she movies on to the strange world of body modification. Smart, funny, and ballsy as hell, this film is the main argument as to why we need more women starring and directing in the horror industry. Some gruesome special effects seal the deal, as does the formidable Mary herself.

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