10 Horror Films Based on Real Events

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Photo credit: Shamely Brothers

Photo credit: Shamely Brothers

Even the most terrifying horror film-one that leaves you panting, sweating, and begging for the credits-has one thing going for it. You can always tell yourself, as you walk home in the dark from the cinema, that it’s not real. It didn’t happen, so you’ve got nothing to be scared of, right? Well, we’ve put together a list of ten horror movies that you had no idea were based on real life events. Good luck trying to get number seven out of your head…

1. Psycho

Yep, Hitchcock’s classic horror was not simply drawn from the master’s imagination. It was, in fact, based upon the actions of Ed Gein, a serial killer who was said to murder women who bore some resemblance to his mother. Anthony Perkins portrayed Norman Bates, the character who was based on Gein in both the film and the novel of the same name-his obsession with his overbearing mother fuels much of the mysterious action in the movie.

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